Nola the Cougar

Spotty the Leopard
This website is dedicated to the preservation of Big Cats and all animals on this beautiful planet.
The Southern Florida Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Homestead, FL, after more than 20 years of saving & rehabbing animals, has, sadly, closed.    
SFWRC was founded & built in 1989 by Dirk Neugebohrn, who was devoted to the safekeeping of these beautiful animals.  Dirk, who recently passed, made a lifetime commitment to caring for, protecting and preserving the future of these magnificent animals.
 Rest In Peace, Dirk.   
I know you're now at peace and with the animals you loved so dearly ... Nola, Sinbad, Sheena, Alex, Sassy, Bennie and all the others that are again by your side. 
"Thank You"    From all the animals you've rescued and given a loving home & safe environment, and from all of us who knew and loved you for being the generous person you were.   We'll miss you.